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there is a bug in swfcombine.c ver0.9.1

function  void normalcombine(SWF*master, char*slave_name, SWF*slave, SWF*newswf)
		 else if(tag->id == ST_SYMBOLCLASS) {
			/* a symbolclass tag is like a define tag: it defines id 0000 */
			int num = swf_GetU16(tag);
			int t;
			for(t=0;t<num;t++) {
				U16 id = swf_GetU16(tag);
				if(!id) {
					masterbitmap[id] = 1;

when combine more two swf and every slave swf symbolclass has id=0 name as "MainXXXXX" where newid for this class,but the "newid" will be used by followed slave swf.

when flashplayer update to,will get a error to player combine swf.

I think

				if(!id) {
					masterbitmap[id] = 1;

can be modified to

				masterbitmap[id] = 1;

It will work well.

The site is back!

I thought the site had gone forever... I'm glad the site is back, but really something must be done to increase the information content. Cthulhu.fhtagn (talk) 21:35, 29 December 2014 (UTC)