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SWFTools Media Player

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A simple media player and integrated swf keyboard viewer written in swfc/as2 script, using GNU Nano, and compilable with the stable version of Swfc from swftools. Supported playback formats as per Flash player version and constraints. Works (TTBOMK) with all browsers that support the Flash player plug-in, under both generic Linux and Windows. Check out the distribution README for details. Code released under GPL.

Quite buggy as befits being 'written on the fly', so requires much attention and an interface revamp, both possibly forthcoming. Source code to be reposted shortly, meantime, the original is accessible by clicking on the image link below. Comments etc to SWFTools mailing list. SWFTools Mailing List

SWFTMP 0.6. Beta

ChrisP (talk) 10:31, 13 January 2014 (GMT)