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Current Stable

Current Git

Usage: /usr/local/swft_git/bin/pdf2swf [-options] file.pdf -o file.swf

-h , --help                    Print short help message and exit
-V , --version                 Print version info and exit
-o , --output file.swf         Direct output to file.swf. If file.swf contains '%' (file%.swf), then each page goes to a seperate file.
-p , --pages range             Convert only pages in range with range e.g. 1-20 or 1,4,6,9-11 or
-P , --password password       Use password for deciphering the pdf.
-v , --verbose                 Be verbose. Use more than one -v for greater effect.
-z , --zlib                    Use Flash 6 (MX) zlib compression.
-i , --ignore                  Allows pdf2swf to change the draw order of the pdf. This may make the generated
-j , --jpegquality quality     Set quality of embedded jpeg pictures to quality. 0 is worst (small), 100 is best (big). (default:85)
-s , --set param=value         Set a SWF encoder specific parameter. See pdf2swf -s help for more information.
-w , --samewindow              When converting pdf hyperlinks, don't make the links open a new window. 
-t , --stop                    Insert a stop() command in each page. 
-T , --flashversion num        Set Flash Version in the SWF header to num.
-F , --fontdir directory       Add directory to the font search path.
-b , --defaultviewer           Link a standard viewer to the swf file. 
-l , --defaultloader           Link a standard preloader to the swf file which will be displayed while the main swf is loading.
-B , --viewer filename         Link viewer filename to the swf file. 
-L , --preloader filename      Link preloader filename to the swf file. 
-q , --quiet                   Suppress normal messages.  Use -qq to suppress warnings, also.
-S , --shapes                  Don't use SWF Fonts, but store everything as shape.
-f , --fonts                   Store full fonts in SWF. (Don't reduce to used characters).
-G , --flatten                 Remove as many clip layers from file as possible. 
-I , --info                    Don't do actual conversion, just display a list of all pages in the PDF.
-Q , --maxtime n               Abort conversion after n seconds. Only available on Unix.

-s Set a SWF encoder specific

PDF Parameters:

PDF device global parameters:
fontdir=<dir>     a directory with additional fonts
font=<filename>   an additional font filename
pages=<range>     the range of pages to convert (example: pages=1-100,210-)
zoom=<dpi>        the resultion (default: 72)
languagedir=<dir> Add an xpdf language directory
multiply=<times>  Render everything at <times> the resolution
poly2bitmap       Convert graphics to bitmaps
bitmap            Convert everything to bitmaps
SWF Parameters:

SWF layer options:
jpegsubpixels=<pixels>      resolution adjustment for jpeg images (same as jpegdpi, but in pixels)
ppmsubpixels=<pixels        resolution adjustment for  lossless images (same as ppmdpi, but in pixels)
subpixels=<pixels>          shortcut for setting both jpegsubpixels and ppmsubpixels
drawonlyshapes              convert everything to shapes (currently broken)
ignoredraworder             allow to perform a few optimizations for creating smaller SWFs
linksopennewwindow          make links open a new browser window
linktarget                  target window name of new links
linkcolor=<color)           color of links (format: RRGGBBAA)
linknameurl		    Link buttons will be named like the URL they refer to (handy for iterating through links with actionscript)
storeallcharacters          don't reduce the fonts to used characters in the output file
enablezlib                  switch on zlib compression (also done if flashversion>=6)
bboxvars                    store the bounding box of the SWF file in actionscript variables
dots                        Take care to handle dots correctly
reordertags=0/1             (default: 1) perform some tag optimizations
internallinkfunction=<name> when the user clicks a internal link (to a different page) in the converted file, this actionscript function is called
externallinkfunction=<name> when the user clicks an external link (e.g. on the converted file, this actionscript function is called
disable_polygon_conversion  never convert strokes to polygons (will remove capstyles and joint styles)
caplinewidth=<width>        the minimum thichness a line needs to have so that capstyles become visible (and are converted)
insertstop                  put an ActionScript "STOP" tag in every frame
protect                     add a "protect" tag to the file, to prevent loading in the Flash editor
flashversion=<version>      the SWF fileversion (6)
framerate=<fps>		    SWF framerate
minlinewidth=<width>        convert horizontal/vertical boxes smaller than this width to lines (0.05) 
simpleviewer                Add next/previous buttons to the SWF
animate                     insert a showframe tag after each placeobject (animate draw order of PDF files)
jpegquality=<quality>       set compression quality of jpeg images
splinequality=<value>       Set the quality of spline convertion to value (0-100, default: 100).
disablelinks                Disable links.

pdf2swf Resources

pdf2swf FAQs