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Circle is almost exactly like a Box, but instead of a rectangle, it's a circle. It's another widget in swfc, and if you want to learn how to use circle, read first the articles about widget and box.

A circle has just one size, its radius, defined, for example, with r=100. It's possible to fill it with color, with borders of the same (or a different) color and thickness.

The creation of a circle is very simple: just declare it in the .circle instruction, and pass the parameters.

For example:

.circle nameofcircle r=100 color=black

This circle has a black border but transparent interior. Optional parameters are:

  • fill - fills the circle with border color, or with another color
  • line - gives a different thickness to the border

It's also possible to fill the circle, not with a color, but with an image - just pass it as fill nameofimage.

The example, below, creates four circles. They are placed side by side, in a 2x2 array. The circles appear in sequence, taking 2 seconds between them. The image is stolen from Wikipedia,

.flash bbox=600x600 fps=50 background=white
  .jpeg amylee amy_lee_in_rock_and_rio_2011.jpg
  .circle bluecircle r=150 color=black
  .circle redcircle r=150 color=red fill
  .circle greencircle r=150 color=green fill=yellow line=10
  .circle amycircle r=150 color=pink fill=amylee

  .frame 1
  .put bluecircle
  .frame 201
  .put redcircle x=300 y=0
  .frame 401
  .put greencircle x=0 y=300
  .frame 601
  .put amycircle x=300 y=300