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Button is the basic widget that reacts to mouse movements, essentially mouse clicks, but also mouse hovering.

Before declaring a button, it's necessary to declare what is the shape it will take. Basically, a button looks like a box, but a button may use up to three different boxes, depending on the situation.

A button will use the shape depending on where (and how) the mouse is located:

  • idle - when the mouse is somewhere else
  • hover - when the mouse is inside the button, but not pressed
  • pressed - when the mouse is inside the button and is pressed

The definition of "inside" is given by another box, the area.

A declaration of a button, then, looks like:

.box xidle width=50 height=50 color=black fill
.box xhover width=50 height=50 color=blue fill
.box xpressed width=50 height=50 color=red fill
.button xbutton
  .show xidle as=idle
  .show xhover as=hover
  .show xpressed as=pressed

The button will be a black square in most situations, a blue square when the mouse hovers over it, and a red square when the mouse is clicked over it.

For more about buttons, consult

See also

  • Radio button - no, there is no way to declare a radio button in a simple way, but that article outlines how to do it the hard way.