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SWF generation and manipulation utilities

Welcome to the Documentation Wiki

General information about SWFTools

SWFTools Website
Quick Link Downloads:
SWFTools 0.9.1 Stable - Source Code for Linux and Windows
SWFTools 0.9.1 Stable - Windows Binary
Main GIT Repository : git clone git://
Main GIT Repository Clone: [ with file browser ]
SWFTtools GIT Repository Clone ( maintained by Ricardo Pedroso )
Installation - How To
Mailing list - Subscribe/unSubscribe
Mailing List - Archives

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) including compilation instructions for Linux, Windows, and Mac
Frequently Given Answers (FGA) - various swfc code snippets to compile and test
Example Code - further examples of SWFTools usage and coding implementations

SWF Tools Documentation ( Current Stable Version 0.9.1 )

Command Description
as3compile A standalone ActionScript 3.0 compiler.
avi2swf AVI animation files to SWF converter (now deprecated, use MEncoder or ffmpeg for this).
font2swf Font file (TTF, Type1) conversiom to SWF.
gif2swf GIFs to SWF conversion. Able to handle animated gifs.
jpeg2swf Generates a slideshow from one or more JPEG pictures. Supports motion estimation compression (h.263) for better compression of video sequences.
pdf2swf PDF to SWF Converter. Generates one frame per page. Enables fully formatted text, ::including tables and formulas, inside a Flash Movie. It's based on the xpdf PDF parser from ::Derek B. Noonburg.
png2swf Like JPEG2SWF, only for PNGs.
swfbbox Allows to read out, optimize and readjust SWF bounding boxes.
swfc SWF file creation from simple script files. Includes ActionScript 2.0/3,0 support.
swfcombine Multi-function tool for SWF ibsertion into Wrapper SWFs, SWF contatenation, stacking, and basic parameter manipulation (e.g. size change ).
swfdump Prints out SWF information, i.e images/fonts/sounds, contained code disassembly, cross-reference and bounding box data.
swfextract SWF element extraction: Movieclips, Sounds, Images, shapes, etc.
swfrender Bitmap rendering from swf files created with pdf2swf, jpeg2swf or png2swf.
swfstrings Scans SWFs for text data.
wav2swf WAV audio to SWF conversion.

SWF API Documentation

python gfx module
Python library

SWFTools based software

GUI wrappers for some SWFTools commands:

Wrapper swfc command Contributor
SWF Extractor swfextract Chris Ohmstede
qpdf2swf pdf2swf. Written in QT4 Silvian Cretu
Gpdf2swf pdf2swf ( part of the Windows distribution ) Ricardo Pedroso/Matthias Kramm


Software Description Contributor
:scEdit Windows '98/XP swfc GUI editor - Laurent Lalanne


Software Description Contributor
:zViewer (2009) Document Viewer in AS2, uses rfxview Cristan Rusu
( Various ) ( supplied with swftools distribution )

Media Players:

software Description Contributor
Video Player Video Player (swfc compilable script ) John Sullivan ( .video tag patch contributor )
swfty Media Player/SWF Viewer (swfc compilable script ) Nissemand

Useful External Links

ePDFViewer - requires Poppler and GTK4 ( plus CUPS for printing )
muPDF Lightweight PDF Viewer, Toolkit and library - Linux/Windows. Written in Portable C. Released under GNU GPL v3.0
Evince - Gnome Project's multi-format document viewer ( Linux/Windows )
Nitro PDF PDF Viewer/Editor - Windows
ZOHO Viewer on-line document viewer
PDF Xchange Viewer PDF Viewer/Editor - Windows. Free version of a Closed Source Commercial Product
PDF Software Listing Wikipedia list of PDF software inc development libraries
PDFEdit PDF Maniplation Library and Tools - Linux/Windows. Released under GNU GPL v2.0
AlivePDF Open Source PDF library written is Actionscript 3
PDF Readers/Viewers General Information
Adobe PDF Reference
Adobe SWF File Format Reference
Adobe Actionscript 2.0 Reference
Adobe Actionscript 3.0 Reference
Mozilla Tamarin Project - Open Source AS3


NB The above links are provided solely for informational purposes in the hope they prove useful. While site content and any products referenced may have been found to be of particular interest, their mention here in no way implies a relationship to the SWFTools project, its maintainers, nor compatibility with it's code base.