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SWFTools related links:

swftools examples More swfc examples, from Laurent Lalanne.

FlexPaper A neat pdf2swf viewer, with commercial licensing options.

qpdf2swf A pdf2swf GUI, written by Silvian Cretu.

scEdit A frontend for swfc, written by Laurent Lalanne.

Penguin Pete's Blog A blog about (among others) swfc game programming.

Jon Hartford's swfc page A page about swfc programming.

Flash/SWF related links: A board where various aspects of the SWF fileformat are discussed

SSWF A C++ Library and a script language tool to create Flash (SWF) movies.

Ming A library for writing SWF Files,

svg2swf A SVG to Flash SWF converter written in C.

SVG2SWF A Python script for converting SVG into SWF

GPL Flash Library A library/plugin for playing flash files. (Unlike the official plugin, this one's Free Software)

Flasm A flash assembler/disassembler with SWF optimization/updating capabilities.